Does this sound like you?

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You see the world from a different perspective than the majority 

You’re dedicated to further expanding yourself from the inside out

You’re committed to elevating the awareness and energy of those around you 

You’ve been questioning whether you are living to your fullest capacity with your gifts, talents, and abilities 

You feel a calling in your soul for “something more” 

Well, Radiant Soul, you’re certainly in the right place.

Hi, I’m Gina Vincent, your guide to exploring and creating your ultimate Blissed-Out, Fit and Feisty life.

So what does it mean to live a Blissed-Out, Fit and Feisty life?

It means that you get to live a life that honors your highest self, uplifts your vibration, and nourishes your soul.

Hey, Beautiful!

Great to have you join me!

As we get started, I’d like to share a bit about why helping women like you, who are following their bliss, is SO important to me

Something magical happens when like-hearted souls, who see the world from unique perspectives, connect.

Endless possibilities unfold!

This is why I felt drawn to start the Blissed-Out, Fit and Feisty community: There’s so much we can do together to bring out the best in each other, and to sow the seeds of love and joy everywhere we go.

It’s my mission, an honor, and a true joy to help each and every woman who is ready to embrace her true calling and live her life more fully than ever. Whether it’s a casual conversation, a deeper exploration in private, or joining me on a retreat in an exotic location, I thrive on helping beautiful souls like you to ignite your goddess within.

Ready to fulfill your dreams, pursue your passion and live your purpose?

Something I’ve noticed is that even the most amazing women can get a little distracted when it comes to fulfilling their dreams, pursuing their passions, and living their purpose.

It’s all too easy to have too much of your energy and attention flow to one area of your life while dismissing the areas that make you come alive. Right?

But just think for a moment

…if you could wave a magic wand, what experiences in your life would bring you deep meaning, the feeling of your life realized? 

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, if you’ve read this far, then chances you are listening to your soul calling for “something more.”

Sometimes the call starts as a soft whisper.

If you don’t answer, the ringing gets louder and louder to the point that you can no longer ignore it.

That’s your soul reminding you that now is the time to focus your energy and passion on fulfilling your purpose and making the difference you came here to make.


Many things in life are interesting, but only a handful capture your heart…
those are the ones to pursue.

So, how do you get clear on the ones to pursue?

Too often, the things that are SO obvious to others are the very thing we can’t see for ourselves… lying hidden in our blind spots.

Here’s where having someone who cares take a look at your situation from the outside can reveal all kinds of possibilities and opportunities you can’t see on your own.

If you recognize the value of having someone help bring your blind spots into view so you can live more vibrantly and vivaciously…

…then we should talk.

If you’re ready to say “yes” to embracing unfolding, limitless possibilities of life, for yourself, your loved ones, and for all that you believe in and stand for.

It’s easy:

I strongly believe in meeting you where you’re at today.  That’s why I’ve created options for from a simple dose of inspiration to get you through your day, ones that will transform your life and those around you.  It makes my heart skip a beat when I’m able to guide women, like you, into their ‘MORE’.

Okay, so how does that sound?

If that lifts your soul and makes your heart beat faster, I can’t wait to meet you on the next page.

Love, Light & Inspiration!

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P.S. It’s all too easy to lose track of the things that mean the most to us because we don’t set aside the time to think about them. Or talk about them. Or even to feel into them.

But the magic of life unfolds when we answer our souls calling for ‘something more.’

At the very least, you owe it yourself to explore what it could be like to t’ke your life to another level of passion, purpose, and bliss. Here are a few more ideas for you…