Allure the magic in your life with these positive vibe affirmation screensavers.  You may choose all four designs.  Feel free to download all.  You may change them up as you wish.

Please note there are 4 designs and 3 file types: mobile, iPad, and laptop.  That makes 12 files.

If you are downloading on iPhone, you will need to click the download button, then press and hold on the image when it pops up and tap Save Image. Then proceed with the below instructions…

First, please download the desired files to your device, then do the following:


Starting on your home screen, right click & select “Personalize”

Click on “Select File” & choose the image you downloaded


Go to Settings

Scroll down & click on “Wallpaper”

Click “Choose a New Wallpaper”

Click “Camera Roll”

Select the photo, scale to desired size, and click “Set”

Choose whether you would like the image on your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or Both


Instructions differ by brand, but generally you need to press and hold on the home screen and then select Wallpaper, choose the image, and set.


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